Power and Data distribution

  • Saddle Powerbox

    Saddle Powerbox The Pegasus Astro Saddle Powerbox is a versatile and indispensable accessory for astronomy enthusiasts and astrophotographers alike. This innovative device seamlessly combines a telescope saddle [...]

  • Ultimate Powerbox v3

    Ultimate Powerbox v3 Launching the Ultimate Powerbox V3 (UPBv3) the pinnacle of power and convenience in one sleek package! If you're weary of the complexities [...]

  • Ultimate Powerbox v2

    Ultimate Powerbox v2 > DISCONTINUED (replaced by UPBv3) (UPBv2 in short) is the flagship of our Powerbox series. You asked for more features, we kept our promise: [...]

  • USB Control Hub

    USB Control Hub Introducing the Pegasus Astro USB Control Hub (UCH), thoughtfully engineered to address the void in the astrophotography market for a reliable USB3.1 Hub with individual [...]

  • Pocket Powerbox

    Pocket Powerbox Pocket Powerbox (in short PPB) is suitable for the “grab and go” astrophotographer who does not want too much automation. Device can provide 10Amps [...]

  • Pocket Powerbox Micro

    Pocket Powerbox Micro This small-sized device (in short PPB Micro) is suitable for the “grab and go” astrophotographer. It can provide up to 10Amps of power and [...]

  • Pocket Powerbox Advance Gen2

    Pocket Powerbox Advance Gen2 The Pocket Powerbox Advance, or PPBADV for short, represents a noteworthy addition to our esteemed Powerbox product series. Positioned strategically between the [...]

  • Power Supply Units

    Power Supply Units Power Supply Unit 12V / 10A – 120W Our sealed and certified switching power supply unit is [...]

  • DSLR Buddy v2

    DSLR Buddy v2 This small, lightweight device is designed for photographers with the plan to provide a constant power supply to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. [...]

  • Battery Couplers

    Battery Couplers The Battery Coupler acts as a dummy battery. By replacing your original battery and connecting this Coupler to your AC mains adapter it will provide a more stable and consistent [...]