Uranus Meteo Sensor

Please expect long delays in production. Due to global crisis in electronics market we expect the launch of this product during 1Q/2022

Pegasus Astro – Uranus Meteo Sensor is an all around astronomer / astrophotographer companion.
Smaller than the size of a cigarette box, and equipped with a variety of digital sensors, it can precisely report the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, cloud height, cloud coverage and the night sky brightness.

Uranus Meteo Station is housed in a high quality, blue aluminium anodised shell.

Photorealistic image – Actual photo will follow soon

Digital Operation

A fully digital operation and a high resolution red film display makes the control of the device quick and simple. A single push button allows you to slide from screen to screen and read different sensor metrics.

Digital Environmental Sensors

Device “talks” every second (configurable time interval) with a network of embedded sensors and reports the following information on screen display.

  • Ambient Temperature (°C or °F)
  • Relative Humidity %
  • Dew Point (°C or °F)
  • Absolute Atmospheric Pressure – Sea Level Pressure (hPa)
  • Relative Atmospheric Pressure (hPa)
  • Altitude (m or ft.)
  • Cloud Coverage (Cloud Index)
  • Cloud Temperature
  • Cloud Height

Measurement of the sky brightness can be achieved if you keep the button pressed for more than a second.

  • Visual Sky Brightness (MPSAS, NELM, Bortle Scale)

A highly digital sensitive sensor measures the brightness of the night sky in 30° angle. You can determine the sky brightness within seconds. The device displays three different scales on screen (magnitudes per arc second², visual mags, lux).

Compare the sky brightness at different sites or documentation of progressive light pollution in your area.

GPS Location

Uranus Meteo Sensor has an internal GPS receiver able to report:

  • Accurate GPS Date and Time
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Speed & Bearing

Memory Bank

Device has an internal memory able to store up to 1000 records. Each record includes all sensor data and GPS coordinates. Software allows, via USB, to view and export all of these data to Google Maps or CSV files.

Handheld or PC operation

Uranus Meteo Sensor can be used as a handheld device or plugged via a USB2 cable to your PC or Laptop.

The enclosure has 2 x 3mm holes at the bottom to securely lock the device on your telescope or in your observatory.

EXT port

Ext port allows device to be plugged directly to Powerbox (Ultimate v2 or Advance) without an extra battery or USB cable. All sensor metrics are instantly exported to the Powerbox software.

EXT port can also output full GPS NMEA messages. (A custom pinout / serial cable is required)

On Screen Display Menus

Uranus Meteo Sensor displays all sensor readings on different menus that can be accessed by the buttons on the side of the handheld device

  • Imperial or Metric system display can be configured via the standalone software

Standalone Software

Software allows to monitor and keep a record of sensor data from day or night. Zoomable and exportable graphs keep a historic record of every observing session.

ASCOM support

Uranus Meteo Sensor fully supports ASCOM 6 Observing Conditions. Metrics can be easily displayed to imaging softwares such as SGPro on NINA.

Sleep Mode

Device goes to sleep after 90 seconds of inactivity in handheld mode. This prevents any battery drain.


Size93 x 55 x 24 mm
Weight120 grams