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Ultimate Powerbox


  Quick installation guide

Dovetail installation guide

Product Manual

  Ultimate Powerbox Setup (v1.4.5 / Mar 2018)

USB Drivers (WinXP,7,8,10 Compatible)

  ASCOM UPB Stepper Focuser Driver v1.1

ASCOM UPB Environmental Driver v1.1

ASCOM UPB Switch Driver v1.2

Stepper RJ45 to DB9 Cable Pinout

Stepper RJ12 to DB9 Cable Pinout  (Older)

Dual Motor Focus Controller & Stepper Motor Focus Controller


Dual Motor Focus Controller v3.x Product Manual

Stepper Motor Focus Product Manual

Dual Motor Focus Controller v2 Product Manual

Standalone SMFC/DMFC Application v.3.4 (Apr/18)

Standalone SMFC/DMFC Application v.2.5.0 (Jun/16) (Order Release)

Standalone DMFC Application v1.9.1 – Nov/2014     (For Older DMFC v1.x – Buttons on top)

USB Drivers (WinXP,7,8,10 Compatible)

USB Drivers (OSX)

ASCOM Pegasus Astro Focus Controller Setup v2.6.7 (Apr/2018)

INDI Library Driver

TheSky X2 drivers for Windows / Linux / OSX (3rd party)

Firmware Uploader (Oct/16)

Stepper RJ45 to DB9 Cable Pinout

Rigel / Starizona Motor Pinout Diagram

DMFC Serial Command Table

Intelli Powerbox


  Quick Installation Guide
Intelli Powerbox Application v2.2.1 (Mar/18)

Intelli Powerbox Application v1.4.4 (Older)

Mobile Android Application

Eqdirect for Synta Mounts


Quick Install Guide (USB)

Quick Install Guide (Bluetooth)

USB Drivers (WinXP,7,8,10 Compatible)

USB Drivers (OSX)

Intelli Flat

intelliflat1 Product Manual

IntelliFlat v1.1 (for Windows XP,7,8)

DSLR Buddy

dslrbuddy Product Manual



 Product Manual