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Introducing SmartEye: The World’s First Smart Eyepiece for Telescopes

Experience the future of stargazing with SmartEye – where the best of both worlds collide:

Seamlessly blending the visual experience of traditional eyepiece observation with the unmatched light-gathering capabilities of cutting-edge sensor technology, SmartEye delivers an unparalleled viewing experience.

By harnessing the power of its innovative display, you’re not just peering into the cosmos – you’re immersing yourself in it. Say farewell to dim views and limited perspectives. With SmartEye , every gaze is infused with the brilliance of a thousand stars, thanks to its ability to collect light like never before.

Don’t settle for ordinary observation – elevate your stargazing adventure with SmartEye and unlock the boundless wonders of the universe in stunning clarity.

Launch: Q4 / 2024

We’re excited to unveil the latest addition to our NYX harmonic mount series: the NYX-88, a compact mount designed to complement its larger sibling, the NYX-101.

Boasting an impressive payload capacity of up to 14kg (mount weights 5Kg) without the need for counterweights, the NYX-88 is engineered for precision and performance in astrophotography and observational astronomy.

Key features include:

  • Harmonic gears on both axes for smooth and backlash free tracking.
  • Power-off brake on the RA axis ensures stability and safety during operation.
  • Built-in wireless and USB control for seamless connectivity and convenient operation.
  • Enhanced signal reception with an external WiFi antenna, ensuring reliable communication.
  • DC 12 Volts operation for flexibility in power supply options.
  • Secure power sockets to safeguard against power interruptions.
  • Universal saddle plate for compatibility with a wide range of telescope setups.
  • Integrated ST-4 autoguide port for precise guiding capabilities.

Moreover, the NYX-88 is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular software platforms, supporting ASCOM, Alpaca, ASIAIR, Sky Safari, and INDI framework straight out of the box.

Estimated retail price: 1900 USD – Launch Autumn 2024

Introducing the Pegasus Astro NYX101 Harmonic Mount—a revolutionary advancement for astrophotography enthusiasts and stargazers alike. Meticulously engineered and designed to elevate your celestial imaging experience, the NYX101 Harmonic Mount combines robust construction with cutting-edge technology.

Its precision-controlled harmonic drive system offers high payload, great accuracy and tracking, making it the ideal companion for capturing stunning images of the night sky. With user-friendly controls and compatibility with popular astrophotography software, the NYX101 Harmonic Mount simplifies your setup and enhances your astronomical journey.

Elevate your stargazing experience to new heights with the Pegasus Astro NYX101 Harmonic Mount.

The Ultimate Powerbox V3 (UPBv3) the pinnacle of power and convenience in one sleek package! Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple chargers and adapters, and say hello to a world of limitless possibilities.

Power up your mount, cameras, filter wheel and all your essential astronomy equipment, thanks to its versatile multi-port design.With the Ultimate Powerbox V3, you’re in full control of your astronomy gear.

The Falcon Rotator v2 is our new camera field rotator that impresses with its lightweight, low-profile design. Despite its slim profile, it possesses the remarkable capability to manage and accurately position even heavy image trains.

Operating the Falcon Rotator 2 is a seamless experience, thanks to its compatibility with classic ASCOM, native ASCOM Alpaca drivers and the Unity Platform software. This user-friendly design simplifies the process of automatically and precisely orienting your camera field, making your astrophotography endeavors significantly more convenient and efficient.

The Pegasus Astro FocusCube 3 is our cutting-edge solution for achieving fast, reliable, and precise focusing of your telescope in the ever-evolving field of astro-photography.

In an era where fast optics and advanced camera devices are essential, maintaining accurate focus is paramount.

The Pegasus Astro Saddle Powerbox is a versatile and indispensable accessory for astronomy enthusiasts and astrophotographers alike. This innovative device seamlessly combines a telescope saddle and a power distribution hub, simplifying the setup and operation of astrophotography equipment.

With its multiple power outputs, integrated USB ports, input voltage, current monitor, and robust build quality, the Pegasus Astro Saddle Powerbox not only ensures a tidy and organized telescope setup but also reduces cable clutter and minimizes the risk of accidental power interruptions during those crucial imaging sessions under the night sky.

It’s a must-have device that enhances the convenience and efficiency of any astrophotography rig.

Indigo Filter Wheel offers a range of cutting-edge features to enhance your astrophotography and astronomical observations.

This compact and efficient device boasts seamless filter switching, ensuring precise and effortless transitions between filters for minimal image disruption.

With its robust build quality and compatibility with 7 position 2inch mounted or 50mm unmounted filters, the Indigo Filter Wheel provides versatility and convenience.

Our thin and solid design Indigo OAG can easily bond with our Indigo Filter Wheel. The OAG supports through holes (M2 and M3) in its body for direct connection with the latest CMOS cameras and other Filter Wheels.

The main advantage of having an OAG is that it uses the same optical path as your primary imaging camera. This avoids any issue with differential flexure that can occur when using a separate guide scope on top of your main telescope.