EZY Focus Hand Controller

The EZY Focus Hand Controller is a perfect companion of your Ultimate Powerbox v2 or Prodigy Microfocuser. This little device allows precision control of your motorized focuser. I also ensure a vibration free focus operation! Device is equiped with a red film display, a digital encoder knob, pushbuttons allowing you […]

Prodigy Microfocuser

Prodigy is our new 3” robotic microfocuser. It includes the electronics and an accurate motor allowing you to precisely focus your telescope. Its sturdy mechanical design ensures that Prodigy Microfocuser can lift up to 10Kg of equipment, dead accurate and flexure free. Focuser has a 25mm of draw tube travel […]

Pocket Powerbox Micro

We are delighted to announce the successor of the Pocket Powerbox. Meet the new Pocket Powerbox Micro Pocket Powerbox Micro (in short PPB Micro)  is suitable for the “grab and go” astrophotographer. Device can provide up to 10Amps of power, a sufficient number of 12V Outputs, Two Dew Heater Channels, an […]

Support Forum

We have launched a support forum as there is high interest to exchange useful information and share knowledge between customers about the Pegasus Astro products. Moreover, as we reply to e-mail for different imaging setups it is wise to include hints and tips / installation guides to the forum. Click […]

Uranus Meteo Sensor

Pegasus Astro – Uranus Meteo Sensor is an all around astronomer / astrophotographer companion.Smaller than the size of a cigarette box, and equipped with a variety of digital sensors, it can precisely report the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, cloud height, cloud coverage and the night sky brightness. For more information […]