Ultimate Powerbox v3

Launching the Ultimate Powerbox V3 (UPBv3) the pinnacle of power and convenience in one sleek package!

If you’re weary of the complexities of multiple power packs and tangled cables, the Ultimate Powerbox v3 is the solution you’ve been seeking. Our concept revolves around a compact enclosure that delivers ample amperage and USB data while maintaining impeccable cable organization.

Power up your mount, cameras, filter wheel, and all your essential astronomy equipment, thanks to its versatile multiport design. With the Ultimate Powerbox V3, you can fully control your astronomy gear.


Experience the ultimate in precision-powered control with the UPBv3.

A quick glance:

  • Up to 12V / 20Amps of provided electric current (240W).

  • 6 x 12V smart and individual switcable outputs. Each output can be configured as constant 12V or pulse width modulated driven).
  • Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) or USB Operation.

  • 2 x 12V / Always ON Outputs.
  • 3 x Dew Heaters Outputs.
    (Automatic Adjustable with AutoDew feature)
  • 1 x Adjustable Power Output 3-12V -Regulated Output of 3Amps

  • 1 x Adjustable Power Output 12-24V – Regulated Output of 4 Amps

  • 1 x Power Relay switch 250V/10A

  • 6 x USB3.1 (backwards compatible with USB2) and 2 x USB2 available ports (8 USB ports in total). Individual switchable via software.

  • Stepper Motor Controller (Silent and low vibrating stepper controller. Can drive nearly any stepper motor in the astro -market up to 2Amps per coil).

  • External Wi-Fi Antenna

  • Built-in ambient temperature and humidity sensor. Can also accept external sensor and auto-prefer external sensor.

  • Power readings (Input Voltage, Current, Current per port).
  • VESA compatible size enclosure.

8 x Powered Switchable USB Ports

8 x 12V DC Power Outlets

Built-in Stepper Motor Controller

USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Hub with 8 x USB ports powered and switchable

Unmatched Connectivity:

6 x USB 3.1 Super-Speed Ports: Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds with these high-performance ports.

2 x USB 2 High-Speed Ports: Versatile and reliable, these ports are perfect for a variety of devices.

Unrivaled Power:

Each USB port on the UPBv3 delivers up to 2.5 Amperes of power, ensuring your devices are charged and ready to go in no time.

Total Protection:

Rest easy knowing that your valuable devices are safeguarded. The UPBv3 features electronic short circuit protection, additional Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection, and overload electronic protections for all USB ports. Your devices are in safe hands.

A USB 3.1 Hub controller guarantees seamless functionality for this USB hub across a wide temperature range, spanning from -40°C to +80°C.

One notable attribute of this hub is its capacity to enable individual ON/OFF control for each USB port via software manipulation. This feature proves particularly advantageous in situations where a device becomes unresponsive and necessitates reconnection during inclement conditions, such as a cold night.

To address such scenarios, one can conveniently identify the problematic port and initiate a recycling process through the ON/OFF switch within our software interface. This streamlined solution ensures optimal user experience and ease of operation.

6 x 12V DC Power outlets for your equipment

Smart Mosfet Transistors: Six powerful Smart Mosfet transistors, each capable of delivering up to 6 Amps of current, provide reliable electrical power to your valuable equipment.

Advanced Port Protections: The UPBv3 features sophisticated short circuit and per-port overload protections. In the event of an issue, power is immediately cut, and incident reports are sent to our software for your peace of mind.

Premium Metal Output Sockets: Crafted for stability and quality, our premium metal output sockets securely hold your extension power cables while delivering the power you need.

Built-in Power Sensors

Voltmeter and Amp Meter: The UPBv3 is equipped with a highly accurate voltmeter and an amp meter capable of measuring currents up to 20A. These instruments provide real-time monitoring of your power input, ensuring you have full visibility into your device’s power consumption.

Automatic Overvoltage Protection: To safeguard your valuable equipment, the UPBv3 is designed with an automatic overvoltage protection mechanism. If the input voltage exceeds 14.5V, the system responds swiftly by instantly cutting off power, providing a robust shield against potential damage.

Individual Current Meter per 12V smart outputs: With the UPBv3, each smart 12V output is equipped with an internal and independent digital current meter. This feature enables you to monitor the power consumption of each port with unparalleled precision.

Seamless Software Integration: Our intuitive software interface provides you with a user-friendly platform to effortlessly access and visualize the power consumption data of each port. Stay in control and make informed decisions about your power allocation.

3 x Dew Heater Outputs

The UPBv3 is equipped with three Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outlets, engineered to efficiently supply power to essential components such as Dew Heaters, Flatpanels, or Telescope Fans. This intelligent design enables you to effectively mitigate moisture-related issues that can compromise the clarity of your celestial observations.

By remotely tuning these outlets from your laptop via the supplied software, you gain precise control over the power distribution to your moisture-controlling devices. Eliminate the detrimental impact of moisture on your equipment and ensure pristine observing conditions for your celestial pursuits.

2 x Variable Voltage Regulated Outputs

Within the UPBv3, you’ll discover two meticulously regulated outputs, each capable of delivering up to 3 Amperes of current. These outputs offer remarkable versatility as you can precisely adjust one to a voltage range from 3V to 12V and the other from 12V to 24V. What sets this feature apart is the ability to save your desired voltage settings directly into the controller’s memory.

With this innovative memory function, each time the UPBv3 initializes, the ports will automatically configure themselves to the stored voltage settings, providing you with a consistent and hassle-free power supply tailored to your specific requirements

Always ON
12V Output

Complementing the UPBv3’s Smart 6 x 12V outputs, you’ll find two additional unregulated 12V output ports that can generously provide up to 8 Amperes of current. These ports are a valuable addition, allowing you to connect extra equipment and expand your power supply capabilities.

It’s important to note that these 12V output ports remain in an “always ON” state, ensuring continuous power availability for your connected devices, further enhancing the versatility and utility of the UPBv3.

Additional Power Outputs and Sensors

Always-ON 12V Outputs: The UPBv3 features 2 dedicated Always-ON 12V outputs, augmenting the total 12V outputs to an impressive 10. When combined with the 2 adjustable outputs, configured to 12V, you can harness a grand total of 10 outlets, providing unparalleled power distribution.

Adjustable Voltage Step Down Output: Offering precise control, the UPBv3 boasts 1 adjustable voltage step-down output, adaptable within the range of 3V to 12V and delivering up to 3 Amps of power.

Adjustable Voltage Step Up Output: Equipped with 1 adjustable voltage step-up output, this feature allows seamless regulation from 12V to 24V, with a formidable power output of up to 4 Amps.

Switch Relay: The UPBv3 is equipped with a robust switch relay, providing the capability to effortlessly control and manage third-party equipment with ease.

Environmental Sensor: Integrated within the device is an ambient temperature and relative humidity sensor. This sensor continuously monitors environmental conditions, providing real-time insights and automatically adjusting the heat intensity of your Dew strips for optimal performance.

Built-in Stepper Motor Controller

Silent and Low-Vibration Stepper Motor Control

Focus with great accuracy and tranquility with our Stepper Motor Controller. This innovative controller is engineered for the exacting task of moving your drawtube with utmost precision, all while operating silently and generating minimal vibration.

Compatibility Beyond Boundaries

Our controller seamlessly interfaces with a wide range of stepper motor options in the market, accommodating both unipolar and bipolar designs. Whether you’re utilizing a Pegasus Motor Focus Kit, Rigel, Robofocus, Moonlight, or Starlight motor, our controller is your trusted companion for achieving unparalleled focusing accuracy.

Backlash compensation is already implemented in the firmware and can be enabled, tuned and disabled from the software. A fully ASCOM6 focuser driver is already available.

Supported Stepper Motors

At our company, we understand that each manufacturer has its unique pinout configuration for motors, and we’re here to ensure your experience is hassle-free. To guarantee the correct cable for your specific motor, it’s crucial to reach out to us with any inquiries or uncertainties you may have regarding your motor type.

Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you, addressing any questions and providing you with the precise cable needed to seamlessly integrate your motor with our controller. Your satisfaction and confidence in our products are our top priorities.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of motor cable types available for purchase.

Pegasus Motor Focus Kit (v1/v2) Requires RJ45 to RJ45 common straight network cable
Robofocus Order cable: PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Moonlite Order cable: PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Lakeside Order cable: PEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Starlight HSM 20,30,35 Order cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM
Starlight MSM 20,30,35 Order cable: PEG-CMOT-MSM
Starlight  DirectSync motors Order cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM
Starizona Microtouch Order cable: PEG-CMOT-MSM
Optec DirectSync or Quicksync motors Order cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM
Rigel nStep motor Order cable: PEG-CMOT-MSM
Starlight POSI Drive Motor Order cable: PEG-CMOT-HSM
Lacerta Motor Order cable: PEG-CMOT-LCRT

ASCOM Alpaca Native Support

ASCOM Alpaca outshines classic ASCOM drivers with its platform independence, modern web standards, streamlined installation, remote control capabilities, extensibility, and open-source options. This ensures superior compatibility and user-friendly performance, making it the preferred choice for advanced astronomy applications.

The Ultimate Powerbox v3 comes equipped with an integrated web server that seamlessly communicates with Alpaca clients natively. This integration enhances the user experience by providing easy access to telescope focus control through ASCOM Alpaca but also monitoring from any device with a web browser such as a smart phone.

Instant Access from any (mobile) device (web browser)

Upon connecting to the Ultimate Powerbox v3 hotspot, the device control is automatically spawned for immediate use. Furthermore, you can conveniently access it from any web browser by simply typing “upbv3.local” in the address bar.

This feature is operating system-independent and functions seamlessly alongside USB control and the EZY hand controller plug-in, providing flexibility and convenience for users across various setups.

Unity Control Dashboard

Experience comprehensive control over every aspect of the device through our Unity platform.

Manage power outputs, USB outputs, motor focus position, and access detailed environmental metrics and session graphs with unparalleled ease.

Other Key Features

Zoomable and Exportable Graphs

Supplied software offers robust data logging capabilities, capturing essential metrics including voltage, current, temperature, and relative humidity readings. This comprehensive record-keeping ensures you have a detailed account of your night’s conditions. With user-friendly features, such as zoomable plots and effortless export options in both PNG image and CSV text formats, you can easily analyze and preserve your data

Scheduler to control outputs

Take command of your power and USB ports with the UPBv3’s advanced functionality. You can enable or disable each individual port by configuring a timer to suit your needs. Moreover, the UPBv3 lets you create and manage groups of ports for added convenience and control.

Memory persistence at startups

Configuration of your startup settings is effortless. You have the flexibility to define which outputs, whether power or USB, should activate upon startup, and which should remain in the OFF state.

These customized settings are securely stored in the system’s memory, ensuring that your preferences are preserved and readily applied each time your system initializes.

Auto Adjustment of PWM (Dew Outputs)

The powerbox is equipped with an intelligent feature that can autonomously regulate the Dew Heater Outputs by consulting its embedded environmental sensor to calculate the Dew Point. Simply activate the “Auto” mode, and entrust the device to make informed decisions about when to activate your dew heaters.

Reverse Polarity

The Ultimate Powerbox is engineered with an essential safety feature: reverse voltage polarity protection. This safeguard is designed to protect your equipment and, most importantly, your night of observation in the event of an accidental reverse connection of the main power supply.

A hardware

The device incorporates a hardware watchdog mechanism that provides an extra layer of reliability. In the rare event that the controller fails to respond for a duration of three seconds, this watchdog feature steps in to automatically reset the device.

This invaluable feature ensures continuous operation, particularly critical for remote observatories. With the hardware watchdog in place, you can have peace of mind, knowing that even in the unlikely event of a controller freeze, swift recovery is assured, preserving the integrity of your remote observatory operations.


Firmware is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling re-programming via either the USB or Wi-Fi connection using upgrade software. This feature ensures that your device is prepared for future upgrades that may become available.

We greatly value feedback from our customers, and our commitment to continuous improvement means that we regularly update the firmware and software to introduce new features and enhancements.

Vesa compatible enclosure

The UPBv3 enclosure is VESA mount compatible, featuring strategically placed screw holes that enable seamless stacking of devices like the Intel NUC alongside the Ultimate Powerbox v3.

Supported By


The Ultimate Powerbox v3 offers comprehensive support for ASCOM6. When paired with our Unity Software, which operates as a server, you can harness the power of our latest ASCOM 6 drivers to:

Precise Stepper Motor Control (ASCOM Focuser): Achieve precise control over stepper motors for accurate focusing.

Environmental Settings Integration: Seamlessly pass environmental data to compatible software such as Sequence Generator Pro, MaximDL, or NINA (ASCOM ObservingConditions).

Effortless Device Management: Utilize ASCOM Switches within software like NINA, SGPro or MaximDL to conveniently switch ON or OFF all 12V outputs or USB Ports, streamlining device management with ease.

ASCOM Alpaca

The UPBv3 boasts full compatibility with ASCOM Alpaca, featuring a built-in Wi-Fi webserver that communicates seamlessly using the ASCOM Alpaca native protocol for its focuser, switches, and observing conditions functionalities.

UPBv3 currently supports Focus and Observing Conditions driver via Alpaca.


Ultimate Powerbox v3 is fully supported by INDI and INDIGO

Support at N.I.N.A.

Ultimate Powerbox v2 Native Support at NI.NA.

The Ultimate Powerbox v3 is fully supported with NINA.

In the Box

1 x Ultimate Powerbox v3 (UPBv3)

4 x Power DC 2.1 to 2.1 male cable (2x1m, 2×0.5m)

1 x USB3 Cable Type B (1.8m)

USB3 Cable Type B (1.8m)

Bag of mounting screws
(4xM4 & 4xM3)

Mounting Options

Attach the Ultimate Powerbox 3 effortlessly onto our optional A-Plate mounting accessory (PEG-APLATE) using the provided 4 x M4 screws.

Upgrade your telescope setup with our Universal Single Clamp (PEG-USCLAMP)! Just use the 4 x M4 screws provided to attach it directly onto the Ultimate Powerbox v3. Once secured, you can easily mount it onto your telescope assembly with the dual VIxen and Losmandy 3” clamp.

Introducing the Pegasus Astro Spider Clamp (PEG-SPIDERCLAMP), your solution for securing and safeguarding power and data cables against snags and connector damage.

Specifically designed for the Ultimate Powerbox v3, this clamp ensures cable protection. Plus, it offers the convenience of directly plugging and securing small-factor PCs like the Intel NUC, MELE, or any VESA-compatible device (75x75mm and 100x100mm) onto the UPBv3.

Mechanical Drawing

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage: 12V-14V DC (Reverse Polarity Protected)
Power Input Connector XT60 Female
Connectivity USB3 – Type B USB Connector
6 x 12V Outputs Maximum Current 6.0A each.
2.1mm Center Positive
Sense/ Ampmeter in each port
Software: ON/OFF
3 Channel x 12V PWM Outputs Maximum Current 3A each,
RCA Connector,
Pulse Width Modulated [3KHz] (Suitable for Dew Heaters / Fans / Flatpanel)
Software: Duty Cycle % / OFF
2 x Variable Outputs Adjustable via software. 3-12V / 3Amps
Adjustable via software. 12-24V / 4Amps
2 x Always ON 12V Output 12V passthrough / Always ON / 8 Amps
Stock Sensor Input / EXT 0-100% humidity readings with 2-5% accuracy
-40 to 80°C temperature readings ±0.5°C accuracy
Ampmeter Measures 0 – 20A
Voltmeter Measures 5 – 15V
Superspeed (USB3.1) 8 port powered Hub Industrial Grade: Temperature range -40°C to +80°C
6 x SuperSpeed (USB3.2) ports (backwards compatible with USB2)
2 x High Speed (USB2)  ports
USB Ports can be switched ON/OFF on demand via software (data + power)
Each USB port can deliver up to 2.2Amps
Stepper Motor Controller Unipolar and Bipolar Stepper motors (2.0 Amps per phase) – RJ45 socket
Dimensions 127.3mm x 116mm x 30mm
Weight 400 grams (14.1 ounces)

Optional Accessories

EZY Focus Hand Controller

The EZY Focus Hand Controller is a perfect match for your Ultimate Powerbox v2 or Prodigy Microfocuser. This little device allows precision control of your motorized focuser. It also ensures a vibration free focus routine!

Accessories Plate

Accessories Plate can be mounted on top of your telescope and accept a wide range of devices such as one of our Powerbox Series, a USB Hub, or any other device in the market.

Motor Focus Kit (Universal)

Motor Focus Kit v2 (Universal)

Motor Focus Kit Universal can be driven directly from UPBv3. You can also drive the Motor Focus Kit Zero (for SCTs)

Power Cables

Power Supply Units

Short USB Cables

Battery Couplers