Focus Controllers & Motors

FocusCube 2 Universal

A standalone focus controller. Everything you need to automatically focus is in the box. Enclosure includes the electronics and a powerful stepper motor for absolute position. Can lift up to 6Kg /13lb of equipment.

An optional accessory is the FocusCube Handcontroller

Motor Focus Kit Universal

The is only the stepper motor. Does not include electronics so you will need a stepper motor controller to drive this product. If you have lots of telescopes it is better to get the motor only and plug an external controller each time you drive the motor. Can lift up to 6Kg /13lb of equipment.

Compatible Motor Controllers:

Universal L shaped Bracket

FocusCube Zero (For SCTs)

Motor Focus Kit Zero (For SCTs)

Dual Motor Focus Controller

Focus fast, reliable and accurate your telescope using a Stepper or DC motor and our controller.

eXternal Motor Controller

The external motor controller (XMC) was designed to expand the focus capabilities of the “Ultimate Powerbox v2” (supports a 2nd focus controller) and adds focus functionality to the “Pocket Powerbox Advance” or “Pocket Powerbox Micro“. This is an addon device for Powerbox products