Motor Focus Kit

Focus accurate and fast your telescope using our powerful Motor Focus Kit. This high resolution geared box has a 0,06 degree step size can can easily lift more than 6 Kg (per cm). Its high torque is suitable for lifting heavy imaging equipment. Moreover motor’s gearbox has a low backlash which can easily tuned using backlash compensation in imaging software. The RJ45 socket can be converted to compatible Robofocus Pinout.

Note: You will also need a stepper controller to drive the motor. Check our Dual Motor Focus Controller

Universal L Shaped Bracket (Blue Anodisation)

A L shaped black anodised aluminium bracket, hard to bend, has cut rails and can be attached to a wide range of focusers. In fact we have successfully installed it on:

  • Orion Optics UK default focuser
  • GSO (RC focuser)
  • Takahashi (FSQ106, FSQ85)
  • Moonlite (2”, 2.5”)
  • Baader (Steel track)
  • Synta Focuser Refractors
  • Altair Astro (2”, 2.5”, 3”)
  • Starlight Focusers (2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”)

L shaped adapter


Coupler (5mm to 10mm)
with 3 grub screws



View of the Pegasus Stepper Motor mounted on a Takahashi FS60

What the Motor Focus Kit package includes:

  • High Resolution Stepper Geared Motor Enclosure (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ration 1:120). Its gearbox has very low backlash and high torque suitable to focus in micron scale.
  • Universal Black Anodised Aluminium L shaped bracket for Motor
  • Motor Coupler (5mm to 10mm) with 3 grub-screws
  • Different sizes of bolts and spacers

Pegasus Stepper Motor Technical Specifications

Step Angle (Deg) 7.5 / 120  = 0.0625
Gear Ratio 1:120
Phases 4 (Unipolar Motor)
Voltage 12V DC
Current (A) 0.27
Pull-in Rate (PPS) 400
Pull-in Torque ( 60 (100pps)
Weight Stepper Motor, Universal L Shaped Adapter & Motor Coupler weight in total 250g

Takahashi TSA120
Takahashi FS60
Skywatcher Esprit 120
Feathertouch Focuser on Refractor (TEC140)
Vixen VC200L
Altair Wave Series 115
Celestron SCT C 9.25
Celestron SCT Edge 9.25''
Celestron SCT C14
Orion ED80T