NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount

Harmonic Gear Drive on both axis

* Introductory Price

  • $2,960.00 (USD)
  • 2,960.00 + VAT (EUR)

Nyx, the ancient Greek goddess of the night, enlightened us to design and produce a high-performing, high payload mount that can easily carry imaging equipment up to 20Kg without needing a counterweight or shaft.

Strain wave drive on RA and DEC movement ensures a backlash-free operation with high torque at high payloads. A fully CNC machined aluminum alloy 6061 body, black and blue anodized, and a selection of branded parts (stepper motors, strain wave gear) inside the mount, ensure that Nyx-101 will perform flawlessly for many years. Mount includes an electronic brake on the RA axis to prevent backsliding when power is off as well as safety limit stops during slew or tracking.

NYX-101-1 Power 12V Universal Saddle Plate Polemaster Adapter Connectivity Altitude Azimuth Counterweight

Meet NYX-101
Our High Payload Harmonic Geared Mount

High precision strain wave gears

Harmonic Gears on Both Axis ensure high payload and a smooth, backlash-free operation.

A hybrid combination of a stepper motor & belt system along with sophisticated electronics can drive the RA axis down to 0.10 arcseconds of resolution

Reduction on the RA axis is 500:1 and 300:1 on the DEC axis.

Supporting high imaging loads

Counterweights are not required for weights up to 20Kg.

(counterweights can be installed for higher photographic loads)

Lightweight Design

Lightweight Design, compared to the payload of weight the mount can lift

CNC machined aluminum alloy AL6061 used for aircraft makes the mount an excellent choice for your setup.
Mount weights 6.4 Kg

From a small refractor to a fully loaded SCT 11-inch telescope, NYX-101 can easily handle the payload

Equatorial or Altazimuth Mode

Mount can be used as a German Equatorial mount or as an ALT/AZ, more suitable for visual observations


The mode can be switched from our PC or Mobile Application

Built-in Wireless & USB Control

NYX-101 support wireless and USB 2 connectivity out of the box.
Both technologies can work simultaneously.

Mount is compatible with LX200 protocol and Sky Safari for mobile interaction

Power Off Brake

A safety power-off brake is Installed on the RA Axis and provides an instant safe stop
during a planned or unplanned power interruption.

Additional Key Features

DC 12 Volts Battery Operation

NYX-101 requires 12V only for its smooth operation. This means that you can use your normal 12V battery without any additional converters. Mount consumes less than 0.6Amp during tracking and up to 2.5 Amps during slewing.

Secure power and USB

The power cable is a GX12 type with can securely lock onto the mount. USB type B special socket ensures a secure grip. Both of these sockets are placed on the non-movable part of the mount. No cables moving during slews and tracking. A second GX12 socket allows you to provide power to your imaging equipment.

Refraction Corrections

NYX-101 integrates a barometric sensor required to calculate atmospheric refraction corrections during mount tracking. For smaller focal lengths this might be overkill but if you have an SCT you will notice a welcome change in your guiding performance.


Universal Saddle Plate

NYX-101 includes a low profile and rigid universal Saddle that accepts Vixen and Losmandy 3-ich dovetails.

Integrated ST-4 Autoguiding Port

An ST-4 port is available at the back of the mount. Port is compatible with a simple hand controller or with an ST-4 guiding camera.

Polemaster Adapter

In the front of the mount, there is a place for the QHY Polemaster (adapter included), which allows you to perform a precise polar alignment, required for your imaging sessions.

Electronic assistant for initial polar alignment

A set of sensors allows you to orient the mount at the correct altitude and azimuth to have an initial, rough, polar alignment (for lower focal lengths such as camera lenses or visual observations ). Our mobile application guides you through that process.

Reverse Voltage Polarity Protection

NYX-101 has been designed with reverse voltage polarity protection. A saver if you accidentally reverse voltage or battery polarity during the night.

Optional Counterweight support

Mount does not require counterweights for payload up to 20Kg. However, if you would like to install counterweights for higher payloads there is a compatible M12 threaded shaft hole at the end of the DEC axis.

ASCOM, INDI, Sky Safari Support

The mount fully supports ASCOM 6 and INDI framework. Sky-Safari is also supported allowing you to control the mount through your mobile device.

LX200 Compatibility

LX200 protocol is fully compatible with NYX-101. Sky-Safari works out of the box with the mount.

Mobile Control

A mobile application for IOS and Android platforms allows you to control both axes of the mount, slew to installed catalogs of thousands of night sky targets and do a rough polar alignment through an electronic polar assistant.

Safety limits on RA axis

Safety limit encoders on RA Axis prevent internal cable snag or collision with the tripod.

Firmware Upgrade

An easy firmware upgrade process allows you to stay up to date with bug fixes and the latest features of the mount.

Optional Accessories

Pegasus Carbon Fiber Tripod

This is the Pegasus Carbon Fiber Tripod for NYX-101 Harmonic Drive Mount (PEG-TRPD101).

The tripod legs are rigid and lightweight, made from carbon fiber. We strongly suggest using this tripod with imaging equipment for up to 15Kg.

  • Length Retracted: 65 cm
  • Max length: 120 cm
  • Weight: 2000 gr
  • Max Load Capacity: 50kg
  • Angle of Legs: 35° Fixed

In the box:

  1. Carbon Tripod
  2. Carbon Tripod Adapter
  3. Carry / Store bag
  4. 2 x Alen Hex Keys
  5. Metallic (3 pcs) spikes to replace rubber shoes

Half Pier Extension 180mm

A pier extension (+18 cm / 7” is available). The pier can be easily constructed by purchasing the three (3) following parts:

  1. EQ6 / Universal adapter
  2. Aluminum Standoffs – 3 pcs
  3. Carbon Tripod Adapter
    (comes along with our Carbon Tripod)

Note 1: If you do not own the carbon tripod then the EQ6 / Universal Tripod Adapter can be doubled to assemble the half-pier extension.

Note 2: Three (3) additional standoffs can be purchased to increase pier stability

(Half Pier accepts up to 6 standoffs).


Tripod Adapter

NYX-101 Carbon Tripod Adapter
(Included in Carbon Tripod)

NYX-101 EQ6 / Universal Adapter

3 standoffs6 standoffs

Half Pier with 3 or 6 standoffs.
(Mouse hover to view)

Assembly / Usage Scenarios

Note: You also have the option to discard the pier extender and place the NYX-101 directly on a tripod/pier by using only the Universal /EQ6 Adapter (PEG-ADAPT101-EQ6)
This scenario is most appropriate when you have a small refractor setup that does not require a pier extender

NYX-101 with Pier Extention on an Aluminium (EQ6 Compatible) Tripod

This is a classic example of using your Aluminium EQ6 Tripod with our Half Pier Extension along with 2 x PEG-ADAPT101-EQ6 adapters.

The real deal!

We loaded a refractor (A Takahashi FSQ85-ED @ 450mm) on the NYX-101 harmonic geared mount and a CMOS camera QHY268C along with other astrophotographic equipment. The payload was 8Kg / 17.6lbs. Guiding was achieved via an off-axis guider and QHY-5III Series camera.



Moreover, we tried the extreme scenario and loaded our Celestron EdgeHD 11”with imaging equipment. (Prodigy Micro focuser, QHY268M, QHY-OAG, QHY 5III Guiding camera Pegasus Indiigo 7 pos Filter Wheel) in our backyard. The total payload is 18Kg and the focal length remains default at 2800mm.

The real deal is the two images below from our actual tests during long cloudless nights.

  1. An image from NINA with unguided results from an 120-sec exposure at 2800mm
  2. PHD2 guiding graphs from the OAG guider. The guiding exposure interval is every 2 seconds.

Unity Platform

NYX-101 mount is controlled and fully configured through our Unity Platform via USB or Wi-FI channel. The included ASCOM driver supports multiple clients.

In the Box

NYX-101 Harmonic Geared Mount

Power Supply 12V / 5A with GX12 jack

Soft Case Carry Bag

USB2 Type B Cable (Angled 90°)

Azimuth Dowel

Frequently Asked Questions

The mount can handle up to 20Kg / 44 pounds of payload.

Please note that a long and heavy optical tube (E.g a 150m refractor or a 10inch Newtonian telescope) will result in greater forces on the mount’s mechanical parts and especially on the RA axis.

DEC axis can be easily balanced by sliding the telescope back and forth on the saddle plate.

A counterweight (close to 5Kg) will help the mount to better balance the load and provide better tracking. However, below 18Kg of equipment, even if the optical tube is long, the counterweights are useless.

By adding counterweights you can increase the payload of the mount up to 30 Kg (66 pounds). In this case, you will definitely need a heavy-duty tripod to avoid stability issues due to vibrations, any slight wind, etc.

Our carbon tripod can lift up to 50Kg but we highly recommend loading up to 15Kg if you intend to use it for imaging.

A long and heavy OTA can easily tip over when the mount is in ALTAZ or EQ mode. Extra caution should be taken care to check the stability of your setup during mount slewing.

Yes, you need to balance your equipment on the Declination Axis.

The declination axis motor can easily handle your telescope weight but as there is no power-off brake on the DEC axis, It is highly advised to balance the telescope on this specific axis.

If your 3rd party tripod supports the classic EQ6 mount then you can stack it with our EQ6 adapter (PEG-ADAPT101-EQ6) and place the NYX-101 on top of it.

An M12 (1.75mm pitch) counterweight shaft is supported.

Classic EQ6 uses the same counterweight shaft/rod and weights.

The Nyx-101 supports 2 modes of wireless connection:

  1. Via a wireless router / hotspot, i.e. both the mount and your laptop/mobile device connect to the same wireless network.
  2. Via Nyx-101’s hotspot feature. In this scenario, you connect your laptop/mobile device to the Nyx-101’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

NYX-101 works with ASIAIR out of the box. All basic functionality of the mount (like Slew and Sync) work with the standard ASIAir LX200 driver (via USB cable). However, we are going to provide a better and dedicated driver for the NYX-101 so you can use all of its features.

You can connect to the NYX-101 mount via a USB cable or via WiFi (802.11g). Our driver can automatically switch from WiFi to USB signaling.

The preferable protocol (by the driver) is the wired USB. By the time you plug the USB cable, the driver auto-selects the USB protocol and communicates with NYX-101 without data (ASCOM or software) disruption.

If you remove the USB cable, the mount automatically switches to the WiFi connection and continues to exchange information with your PC.

Your mobile phone comes with a GPS received so you can easily use our IOS / Android* application to connect to the NYX-101 mount.

By the time you connect your smartphone with the mount, your site coordinates and date, time are pushed to the NYX-101 engine.

*Mobile application will be available by the time of the mount launch.

The mount can be controlled via our mobile application, our Unity Platform (Currently only for Windows), and of course our multi-client ASCOM server.

Also, It works out of the box with INDI protocol and any software that supports LX200 (E.g Sky Safari).

However, for users who would like to have a classic hand controller, we have on our list to provide an optional hand controller with a display.

It can be plugged into the ST4 port of the NYX-101 mount and control the mount’s basic features (enable or disable tracking modes, Slewing to all known catalogs, arrow keys to center objects, etc).

We recommend a guiding rate of 1.0 sec to 2.0 sec. This setting always depends on your payload and your observing conditions.

A guiding rate close to 0.5 secs usually tends to create a “chase the seeing” effect, especially with focal lengths longer than 500mm.

We have read lots of reports and posts that strain wave (harmonic) mounts require 0.5secs of guiding rate. This is not the case with this mount.

Unfortunately, the mechanical design with the strain wave reduction gears of the mount makes this impossible to be made.

The current design does not include or allow an installation of an RA tracking encoder. We try to keep the retail price as low as possible, so a high precision encoder (with less than 2 arcseconds of resolution) would add a significant cost to the NYX-101 mount.

A safety power-off brake is Installed on the RA Axis and provides an instant safe stop during a planned or unplanned power interruption.

The brake supports and stops a payload of up to 20Kg (without counterweights)

The Nyx-101 PSU supplies up to 5A, the Nyx-101 will need from 0.7A to 2A, so you can feed the rest to your other device(s) using a GX12 to 2.1/2.5mm adapter.

Mechanical Drawings

NYX-101 Dimensions

Pier (EQ6) Adapter Mechanical

Pier (EQ6) Adapter Mechanical Drawing

Technical Specification

Material CNC machined 6061  aircraft aluminum alloy
Mount Mode Equatorial or Altazimuth
Mount Drive Strain Wave (Harmonic) Gear and Belt resulting reduction 500:1 (RA) and 300:1 (DEC)
Load Capacity 20 Kg without counterweights
30 Kg with counterweights
Weight 6.5 Kg
Safety / Power Off Brake On RA Axis
Dovetail Vixen and Losmandy 3-inch
RA Motor Resolution 0.10”
Max Slew 6 degs/sec
Power Voltage 12V DC unregulated
0.7A during tracking, 2Amps during slewing
Guide Port ST4
Counterweight Shaft M12 Shaft
Communication Wireless 802.11g and USB2
Operating Temperature -20° to + 50°C
Warranty 3 years
Made in (designed, assembled and tested) Greece. We carefully curate the entire manufacturing, testing and packing process.