NYX-101 Firmware Update

Mount supports firmware updates over the air (via Wi-FI channel). This guarantees an easy, safe and quick update process. Please note that firmware updates through USB channel are not currently supported.

If you encounter issues connecting the NYX-101 to your wireless network click here

Make sure that:

  1. Your Wi-Fi SSID and Password does not contain spaces or the special character #. This characted ‘#’ is used in LX200 protocol and will causes issues to the wireless client registration.
  2. There are reports that Windows Firewall, Defender or other Antimalware that controls network access lists of your computer can block UDP packets reasulting firmware upload not to work. If you have issues upgrading the firmware, try to disable Windows Firewall or any antivirus.

When a firmware update is available and your NYX-101 mount is eligible for this update, Unity will prompt you to initiate the update.

Please note that Unity (your PC) should have internet access in order to request if there is a new firmware available.

So when a new firmware is available the “Available Firmware Update” tile will be displayed.

Click it to move to the firmware update screen.

The below screen will be displayed, allowing you to check your current firmware version and the new available firmware release.

You can click the Notes button to read about the important changes of this firmware release. When you are ready just click the Upgrade button.

Firmware update starts, is safe and takes about 15 seconds at max.

After the firmware upload completion, the NYX-101 will reboot and load the new firmware.