Ultimate Powerbox in Production

Exciting news! Our new Ultimate Powerbox is in production. We are now delivering units to our dealers. At Introductory price of 490 EUR * * (excluding VAT) For more information click our product page: http://pegasusastro.com/products/ultimate-powerbox/  

Ultimate Powerbox in an aluminium anodised case

We have a nice black aluminium box now. We modified and enhanced also few features. More USB ports supported by an industrial chip cabable to work in harsh temperatures (-40 +80 °C), more compact size etc Right now we are into manufacturing process. We expect to have it ready for availability […]

Dual Motor Focus Controller v3

Our new Dual Motor Focus Controller v3 is in production. Same features as v2 but smaller enclosure , extreme lightweight and better current motor delivery. Check it at our product page: Dual Motor Focus Controller  

Our new product “Ultimate Powerbox” is in beta testing

This is our new product: The” Ultimate Powerbox”. We took intelli-powerbox and we made it better and more innovative! Now in beta testing for more than 2 months in the field. Expected final / production units during March 2017. A preproduction view of the enclosure in beta testing of its […]

New release 2.5.0 for SMFC / DMFC has been launched

We have just launched a new software release v 2.5.0 for SMFC/ DMFC products. Changes: Bug fixes in max speed setting Bug fixes in presets Allow multiple instances to be launched   *Please uninstall previous version before installing this one! You can download it from : Support & Downloads