Dual Motor Focus Controller v3

Our new Dual Motor Focus Controller v3 is in production. Same features as v2 but smaller enclosure , extreme lightweight and better current motor delivery. Check it at our product page: Dual Motor Focus Controller  



Our new product “Ultimate Powerbox” is in beta testing

This is our new product: The” Ultimate Powerbox”. We took intelli-powerbox and we made it better and more innovative! Now in beta testing for more than 2 months in the field. Expected final / production units during March 2017. A preproduction view of the enclosure in beta testing of its […]

New release 2.5.0 for SMFC / DMFC has been launched

We have just launched a new software release v 2.5.0 for SMFC/ DMFC products. Changes: Bug fixes in max speed setting Bug fixes in presets Allow multiple instances to be launched   *Please uninstall previous version before installing this one! You can download it from : Support & Downloads    



New Product – DewZap

DewZap is our Dual Channel Dew Heater Controller. Easy to use, powerful and very compact is your best companion against the dew during long astro – nights! Check it under DewZap Product Page  

New Product – Stepper Motor Focus Controller

Following the success of Dual Motor Focus Controller we have just released our new product. Stepper Motor Focus Controller Dedicated to astrophotographers the new controller can drive stepper motors. Its compact size make it suitable to attach it on the telescope plate of your mount. Compatible with all stepper motors […]