Unity Platform Troubleshooting Guide, F.A.Q.

This guide covers issues about the Unity Platform

Please download manually and install the latest Unity release. A windows package from the latest update caused a problem to the launch of our software. The latest release fixes the issue and works back to normal.


We have seen cases where Unity opens and only displays a splash screen.

Multiple reasons can cause that and usually, it has to do with a corruption of the Unity database or configuration file.

A quick solution to this problem is to perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the Unity Platform.
  2. Locate the folder: C:/Users/YOURUSER/Appdata/Roaming
    * If you cannot view the Appdata directory please set “Show hidden files and folders” option in Windows Explorer.
  3. Enter this folder. You will find a folder named: PegasusAstroUnityPlatform 
  4. Delete this folder: PegasusAstroUnityPlatform
  5. Re-install Unity Platform

If the issue remains please do the same with:  C:/Users/’YOURUSER’/Appdata/local/PegasusAstro. (Delete all folders in this directory)

This will ensure that every configuration file which might cause this issue will be erased and Unity configuration will start from scratch.

The older standalone software is completely independent so it is up to you if you would like to keep it or remove it.

In short. it does not affect the operation of the Unity Platform and its ASCOM drivers.

A rule of thumb: we advise removing old Pegasus Astro ASCOM drivers so you can reduce the mistakes of selecting them during the night.