FlatMaster 120

This product has been replaced by the FlatMaster 150 (under the same price)

The Pegasus Astro FlatMaster 120 is our flatfield electroluminescent panel. It provides a uniform source of illumination up to 120mm and produces high quality flat field frames for astrophotography and photometric captures.

Dimmable EL Panel

Unlike other EL panels in the market, the FlatMaster can easily adjust its brightness. Forget sheets of paper between your telescope and the panel. Remote control the EL lamp of your panel. Store the brightness per filter and immediately retrieve the value you need.

Manual Button

Device has a small push button which sets five (5) levels of brightness. In case you would like to manually operate the FlatMaster, no problem, just click the push button to control the brightness.

One cable operation

Only one mini USB cable provides power and control of your panel.

Standalone Software

Software allows to set filter names and store / retrieve brightness levels of your FlatMaster panel

Native support by most popular imaging software

FlatMaster is supported by most popular imaging software like SGPro, APT and Voyager

Sequence Generator Pro
Voyager Astrophotography Automation
Astrophotography Tool
A small carry bag in the package allows you to securely carry and store your FlatMaster

Technical Specifications

TypeElectroluminescent Panel (White)
DimmableYes – (0-100%)
Manual Push Button5 brightness levels
Usable diameter of circle
120mm / 4.72 inches
* We are going to provide larger sizes
Power requirements5V DC provided by USB mini cable
Size180 mm x 180 mm x 9mm