Takahashi FS-60, TSA-120, Epsilon Focusers

We have succesfully instaleld our L shaped bracken on these Takahashi Focusers.

  • Remove both knobs
  • Remove the central bolt (the bolt on top of the focuser as shown at the image below)
  • Use the 8mm motor coupler and attach it to the shaft of the focuser.
  • Securely tight the two set screws of the motor coupler (on focuser’s side)
  • Assemble the motor with the bracket but do not fully tight the 4 screws yet.
  • Make sure that the motor can slide on the rails of the bracket
  • Place the bracket on the telescope focuser and adjust (up or down) the motor to alligh the shaft with the motor coupler bore.

Use 1xM4 screw along with a washer to secure in place the L bracket.

It should look like the image below

  • Now securely tight the 4 x allen silver screws of the motor
  • Make sure to tighten the 2 set screws of the motor coupler (motor side)

You are ready to focus.