Scops OAG is a motorised Off Axis Guider. Specialized for remote operation, allows you to adjust guide camera focus with great precision.  Easy to be operated via ASCOM focus drivers or standalone software is going to make your life easier to guide your eq mount.

Pegasus Astro Scops OAG

One cable

Scops OAG does not require an external controller. Its body includes all electronics and only one USB cable is plugged and provides power and control to the OAG.

prism height

The prism height can be adjusted to allow better illumination of the field of view of the guiding camera. If your imaging / main camera sensor is large, the prism can be moved (with a set screw) upwards to disallow blockage of the sensor’s optical path.


A large 10×10 mm fully multicoated & anti-reflection mirror offers full illumination to the guiding camera. Stars are round and bright across all the OAG ‘s field.

Stepper Motor ensures focus precision

A stepper motor ensures absolute position of the focus point.
Profile each filter that might have a different focus position and just click the filter in the supplied software to precisely set the OAG to the stored position.

Scops OAG

Robust design for heavy load of equipment

Scops OAG with QHY268C

OAG thickness is 31.4mm capable to support heavy imaging equipment.
OAG has a 50 mm of clear aperture. Accepts M54 threaded adapters on both sides.

Falcon Rotator Combination

Scops OAG has 6 screw holes that allows it to get combined with our Falcon Rotator (without extra adapters)

Scops OAG 1 - Falcon Rotator Combination

Guiding camera is not included

Camera Connection – Accepts M42 & C thread cameras

Pegasus Astro Scops OAG Accepts M42 & C thread cameras

Scops OAG accepts M42 and all new C-threaded guiding cameras. Both of these adapters (M42 / C) are included in the box.

Optional adapters available