Our Dual Channel Dew Heater Controller, offers a straightforward and efficient solution to combat dew-related issues during extended astronomical observations. This compact yet powerful device is your ideal companion for ensuring uninterrupted stargazing sessions on those long astro-nights.


Dual Digital Outputs for Dew Control Strips

DewZap features two discrete digital RCA outputs, each of which can be individually controlled using the conveniently located knob on the side of the controller.

Furthermore, these outputs can serve multiple purposes, including the regulation of telescope fans or even powering a lightbox for added versatility.

LED Operation indicator

To provide at-a-glance information about the power intensity for each dew channel, DewZap incorporates dedicated LED indicator lights on the front faceplate, ensuring easy and intuitive monitoring of your dew control settings.

Pulse Width Modulation Duty Cycle Control

Controller was built with modern digital electronics and fully supports duty cycle % (PWM) control.

Zero to 100% heater control

Knobs can drive Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle from zero to 100%

Ten (10) amps of current capacity
(5 amps per channel)

Powerful MOSFETs on each output provide up to 5 Amps per channel.
There are no voltage drops there.

Reverse polarity protected.

The device is protected from reverse polarity.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 12V-13.8V DC Operation
Output Same input voltage in Pulse Width Modulation Duty Cycle
Channels Dual (2)
Power Outlets 2 x RCA
Power Input Connector 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket
Dimensions 66 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm

In the Box

  • DewZap Controller