• NYX-101 Harmonic gear mount

    NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount Harmonic Gear Drive on both axis * Introductory Price $2,960.00 (USD) € 2,960.00 + VAT (EUR) Nyx, the ancient [...]

  • PRODIGY Microfocuser

    A must have for successful astrophotography sessions Prodigy Microfocuser is a robust clear 3-inch robotic focuser which allows you to precisely and remotely control the focus [...]

  • Indigo Filter Wheel

    Indigo Filter Wheel offers a range of cutting-edge features to enhance your astrophotography and astronomical observations. This compact and efficient device boasts seamless filter switching, ensuring precise [...]

  • Filters (Photographic) LRGB & SHO

    Pegasus Astro Filters (Photographic) LRGB & SHO We are glad to announce the availability of 2 inch mounted deep space photographic filters for broadband and narrowband usage. More [...]

  • Uranus Meteo Sensor

    Uranus Meteo Sensor This pocket-sized device is an all-around astronomer/astro-photographer companion. Smaller than the size of a cigarette box, and equipped with a variety of digital [...]