A good question so please pay attention to below bullet points: to fully understand what our USB Hub can offer.

  • Each port delivers up to 2.5Amps of current. Other hubs cannot support that.
  • Switchable USB Ports. Each USB port can be controlled and switched ON/OFF by our standalone software. (power + data). Other hubs cannot do that.
  • UCH supports ASCOM switches. You can control the Hub from your imaging software.
  • Industrial grade temperature support. You will not find a hub that can operate below 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit).Check specifications of each hub and you will see that operating temperature is between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius. All of these hubs are designed to work inside your cosy room and not on a mountain / outside where temperature can quickly drop especially during winter nights. If your hub works below this temperature it is by pure luck.

    Most people will experience random USB disconnects or USB bandwidth throttling during the night. These temperatures are out of operating specs for these hubs.

  • UCH can achieve very high speeds to all USB ports (simultaneously) by using multiTT (Transaction translators). Cheap hubs will reduce speed when you try to simultaneously transfer data from more than 2 ports.Most hubs out there have 2 or 3 similar USB chips inside (each chip is for 4 USB ports). They use one USB port to daisy chain the chip together and you have 7 or 10 ports available. 

    This means that your actual speed is limited by the uplink connection between the chips. Our hub is a real 7 port branded / automotive grade USB chip (6 ports are available / 1 is used for internal communication.

  • Similar Hubs costs around 500$. You can google it if you search “USB industrial programmable hub”