Hand Controller for FocusCube (v1, v2 and Zero)

This simple hand controller allows precise manual focus, vibration-free!

Compatible with:

  • FocusCube v1
  • FocusCube v2
  • FocusCube Zero

>> Please note that this hand controller is NOT compatible with FocusCube v3.

Digital Encoder with a Push button

The rotary knob simulates the knob of your focuser. Rotate the digital knob and easily focus! Precision can be achieved if you press the knob inside. Speed is reduced to 1:10 just like the fine focus knob of your focuser!

Can work simultaneously with PC operation

Just plug the hand controller in the auxiliary port of the FocusCube and enjoy precision in manual focusing without vibrations. No need to remove the hand controller when you use your PC to control the FocusCube. Both can work in parallel.

A LED indicator for each speed

On top of the RJ45 socket, there are two LEDs. Green and Orange indicate running speed: coarse or fine focus.

In the Box

1 x Hand Controller for FocusCube
1 x RJ45 to RJ45 Straight Cable