FocusCube3 Zero point?

FocusCube v1 & v2, Zero, Motor Focus Kit (Universal or Zero)
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FocusCube3 Zero point?

Post by davevenne »

My FC3 is working great now, so this is just a minor issue. Its home position (in-travel limit) is currently at 8000; is there some way to tell it this physical position should be represented by 0 (zero)? IIRC (big if) in pre-Unity days we could do this in the Focus Controller software--can we do this in Unity?
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Re: FocusCube3 Zero point?

Post by Wheeljack »

If I understood you correctly, you can reset the current position of the focuset to whichever value you'd like.
I can't remember exactly what it was called, but on the right hand of the Focuser-tab in Unity there's a function called "reset position" or similar. I have my setup taken down for the season, otherwise I'd provide a screenshot for you.
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