UCH switch is not fix on/and individual labeling of the ports

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UCH switch is not fix on/and individual labeling of the ports

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Hello Forum,

i hope you can help me to solve follow issue.

I have already summarized the description at bitbucket and copy the hole process here to describe the problem.
It is a problem with the switches at NINA and the text editing for the individual switches

Original is it to see under following link
https://bitbucket.org/Isbeorn/nina/issu ... -short-uch

Issue #905 NEW
Michael created an issue 20 hours ago
[ ] Is the issue reproducible? YES
[ ] Are all prerequisites that are mentioned inside the manual met? YES

Which Version are you running?

1.11 NIGHTLY #123


Pegasus Astro – USB Control Hub (in short UCH) Switch 1 always off / and port named can not written by own

Steps to Reproduce

Connect Pegasus Astro – USB Hub
Set all Port`s ON (and set new value)
Disconnect the Hub
Connect Pegasus Astro – USB Hub
USB3 Port 1 is OFF
Set USB3 Port 1 ON (and set new value)
Disconnect the session
Start new session
Connect Pegasus Astro -USB Hub
USB3 Port 1 is OFF
And so on…
Expected behaviour

the setting should remain.

------ further: it would be very good if the individual ports could be named individually-----

Actual behaviour

Port 1 it is always set to off by restart

-----the port`s named is fix------
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Dale Ghent
This is not a NINA issue.

The power-on or connect port state is managed by the Pegasus ASCOM driver and/or its management app (if it’s like other Pegasus products, which do have one). When NINA connects, it just reads the state of the port; it does not set them to any previous state. The naming of the ports is also controlled through the Pegasus UCH management application. Generally, you double-click the name in the app and type in the name you wish it to be. NINA would never be able to change the name of the switch directly as the ASCOM Switch specification marks the switch Name as read-only, anyway.

In short, everything you want to do is, or should be, configurable through the Pegasus UCH management app and is not of NINA’s concern.

20 hours ago
Hi Dale,
Thank you! I understand your explanation! but…

I've tried again now.

I try to explain it.

when I start the Pegasus app ( I can set the switches to On. Then close the app and start it again, the switches are in the last state.


When I start nina the first port (USB3 Port1) is immediately OFF.
I close nina and start the Pegasus app the switch is OFF again.

Another example

I can set the remaining five ports or switches as desired, whether off or on.
Confirm this with the check mark -set new value-.
and it is saved, it is the same with every start.

even when the pegasus app is started, the values are changed as set in nina

only the USB3 port 1 does not work

about the other thing:

In the pegasus app the ports are called differently than in NINA

and the ports can be renamed in the app but that's doesn't change the names in nina
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therefore the question

whether it would simply be possible to use an input field to assign alternative names in N.I.N.A. it would be much clearer that way.
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Hope I don't upset anyone, but I'm happy to share my opinion anyway.

Thank you !

And i like NINA more than any other thing!



7 hours ago
Dale Ghent
The intent of an ASCOM switch client (ie, NINA) is very simple:

Read device switch state and name upon connecting to the device via its ASCOM switch driver
Set new switch states (and only switch states!) upon user command
And that’s pretty much it. Life is very simple for NINA or any other ASCOM switch client out there in this regard, and that is the intent of the specification.

If the device or its ASCOM driver do not allow the user to change the names of switches, or reflect those changed names properly, or reflect the states of the switches properly, then that is an issue with the device and its drivers. The fact that your on/off issue is happening to a specific and conspicuous port (Port 1) lends credence to this - There’s nothing special or holy about Port 1 of anything in NINA’s switch client logic. If there were a bug in NINA, it would more than likely affect all switches, not just Port 1. Additionally, it would affect more devices than just the UCH.

The issue here is that the UCH’s ASCOM driver is not properly reflecting the names and states of the UCH’s switches or is, for some reason, force-setting the state of Port 1 for some reason. It’s NINA’s policy to not put device-specific work-arounds in when it comes to generic ASCOM devices because that is a minefield of its own. The path forward on this is to ask Pegasus support what might be happening here and if they can certainly address the port name issue, and look into the Port 1 Is Magical For Some Reason issue.

7 hours ago
Hallo Dale,

ok, thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

BR Michael

5 hours ago
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Re: UCH switch is not fix on/and individual labeling of the ports

Post by BobTracy »

I'm seeing the same problem with port 1 (only). The UCH works correctly when using the Pegasus standalone software, perhaps the issue is in the ASCOM driver.


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