Can I drive a second stepper motor with my Ultimate Powerbox v2

Yes, You can drive lots of stepper motors in the astro-market by using the eXternal Motor Controller was designed to expand the focus capabilities of the Ultimate Powerbox v2 (supports a 2nd focus controller).

Supported Motors

We have successfully tested and controlled the following stepper motors:

Please note that each motor requires its own cable due to different pin-out selection of each manufacturer. * We optionally provide any of these cables. Check cable type SKU at below table.

Pegasus Motor Focus (v1 & v2)Straight RJ45 Network Cable
Starlight HSM 25 / 30 / 35PEG-CMOT-HSM
Starlight MSM 25 / 30 / 35PEG-CMOT-MSM
Starizona Micro-TouchPEG-CMOT-MSM
Rigel nStep MotorsPEG-CMOT-MSM
Moonlite Stepper MotorPEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Robofocus Stepper MotorPEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Lakeside Stepper MotorPEG-CMOT-RJ45DB9
Lacerta MotorPEG-CMOT-LCRT