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Takahashi FS-60, TSA-120, Epsilon Focusers

We have succesfully instaleld our L shaped bracken on these Takahashi Focusers. Remove both knobs Remove the central bolt (the bolt on top of the focuser as shown at the image below) Use the 8mm motor coupler and attach it to the shaft of the focuser. Securely tight the two […]

Stellarvue Focusers

Stellarvue 2″ focusers has a nice flat surface underneath. It is very easy to place the L shape bracket by removing the brake thumbscrew and use that thread to grab the bracket. One screw /washer is enough to hold the bracket in place. Motor has a powerful gearbox which acts […]

Baader Steeltrack

Remove the plastic grub-screws (the do not have an actual usage) from the bottom of the Steeltrack Focuser. Align the L shape bracket with the focuser and use the supplied screws, spacers to attach the L shape bracket as shown below.

William Optics GT71

* Please check below photos on how to attach the motor to a William Optics GT71 or a W.O. with a similar focuser Remove the brake thumbscrew pointed with red arrow Remove the coarse knob Align the bracket (place the 6th slot of the bracket on top of the brake […]

Explore Scientific Focuser

We have successfully installed our motor on: Explore Scientific ED Series (ED80, ED102, ED127, ED152) Explore Scientific ED-FCD100 Series (ED80-FCD100,  ED102-FCD100,  ED127-FCD100) Explore Scientific FPL53 (ED140, ED115)

Starlight Feathertouch Series

We have installed the motor to all Starlight Feathertouch Focuser Series (from 2” to 3.5”).Installation is very easy and the supplied bolts and spacers ensures that motor is securely attached on the focuser Below photos are from a TEC140 with a 3.5” Starlight Focuser