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Stellarvue Focusers

Stellarvue 2″ focusers has a nice flat surface underneath. It is very easy to place the L shape bracket by removing the brake thumbscrew and use that thread to grab the bracket. One screw /washer is enough to hold the bracket in place. Motor has a powerful gearbox which acts […]

Baader Steeltrack

Remove the plastic grub-screws (the do not have an actual usage) from the bottom of the Steeltrack Focuser. Align the L shape bracket with the focuser and use the supplied screws, spacers to attach the L shape bracket as shown below.

William Optics GT71

* Please check below photos on how to attach the motor to a William Optics GT71 or a W.O. with a similar focuser Remove the brake thumbscrew pointed with red arrow Remove the coarse knob Align the bracket (place the 6th slot of the bracket on top of the brake […]