In beta testing – Coming soon in production

Pegasus Astro Magmeter

High resolution Organic LED display

A high resolution 128×64 pixel Organic LED screen is used in the device.

IR Cut filter

To cut off the infrared component of the sensor chip, a high quality infrared blocking glass filter is used. This filter restricts measurement to visual bandpass

Optical Lens

A 20°  optical lens has been installed in front of the sensor. This allows to limit the measurement to only a small segment of the sky. You can point in the direction for a measurement.

Three different readings:

The Magmeter is capable of simultaneous displaying the :

  • MPSAS (sky brightness – mags/arcsec²) scale
  • NELM (visual mag) scale.
  • Bortle Scale (Title) e.g Rural sky

Audible signals

Audible signal while measurement is in progress.

Altimeter & Thermometer Sensor

A built it sensor is capable of measuring the altitude and the ambient temperature of the location. The readings can be viewed in the display.

Extreme Low Power

The device is powered by a single 9V battery which can hold for more than 2 years.

Reverse battery protection

The device has been designed to be protected from reverse voltage polarity.

Compact Size

Dimentions: 90mm x 60mm x 30mm


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