Intelli Dew Heater

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Intelli Dew Heater Controller was made for the visual astronomer. Connect up to four dew heaters and control them individualy using the Pulse Width Modulation feature. Check the status of the relative humidity , temperature and the dew point using the supplied probe. Full digital operation and a high resolution red film display will make the control of the device simple and fast.

Three channels, four (4) RCA outputs for heater attachment

Three powerful MOSFETs (supporting 14 Amps each) will ensure they will feed your dew heaters with all the required power. The device has been designed to provide nearly 30 Amps of constant current. No voltage drop in any of the outputs!

Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control.

PWM control will let you reduce your battery’s power consumption.

Organic LED display with Red Film

A  128 x 64 pixel Organic LED screen is used for the device. It will ensure that your night vision will be unaffected.

External Environment Sensor

External one (1) meter temperature & relative humidity calibrated sensor. Know exactly the environment conditions of your location. The sensor can be auto combined with the dew heater outlets to automatically handle the power levels. Leave to the Intelli Dew Heater decide if it is time to turn on your heating elements! You can also monitor the readings of  temperature, humidity and dew point in the display screen.

Easy to Use

Just push down the trimmer and choose the desired output. Move the trimmer (left or right) to control the duty cycle from 0-100%. Simple as that!

Full Digital Operation

The device is 100% digital operated.

Operating voltage 9 to 15 VDC

Push the voltage up to 15 Volt to rise the temperature of your large inch dew heaters.

Reverse polarity protection

The device was designed to be protected from reverse voltage polarity. No worries if you accidentally reverse connect your power source.

Compact size

Dimensions: 132 x 66 x 25 (mm)

1 Year warranty

For the device including the sensor

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