Power issue

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Power issue

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Got an issue with my ppba

When I turn off quad power, there's a Residual current.
My mount isn't totally off it blinks (eq6r). This current isn't from usb or eqmod (the same thing if unplugged).
So, when I want to connect my mount, I have an issue because it's in security mode. I have to switch it off, then on (on its panel) then I can connect to ascom.

When I turn off quad power, i still can connect to the mount, but can't use it (no slew, guiding, directions...)because of security mode.

Is there something to do with my ppba? Or may I trash it? I won't Keep Turn on my mount h24 (observatory).

I thought about set Power supply of the ppba on my ipx, but it seems it's impossible to drive ppba without power supply (disappear from pegasus unity). I wish I could drive ppba to turn on relays, turn on power from ipx, and be able to use my mount

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance
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