Focus Cube and Toa-130

FocusCube v1 & v2, Zero, Motor Focus Kit (Universal or Zero)
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Focus Cube and Toa-130

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I am having absolutely no luck in getting my focus cube to auto-focus on my toa-130. I do have a cube for my Celestron Edge and have gotten excellent results with it. I am using Nina with Hocus Focus and the pegasus Unity software and nothing I input into Nina will give me a V curve autofocus. Basically, I get a straight line across the zero-degree line with 5 points and nothing more, and if I use Nina's autofocus program I get a bunch of spikes all over the graph. Pretty much at a standstill right now so any ideas would be welcome.
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Re: Focus Cube and Toa-130

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Make sure you have tightened the motor coupler and the shaft does not spin freely inside the coupler.
This is one of the top support reasons we receive this issue.
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