FocusCube v2 not connecting directly after updates through Ascom still ok

FocusCube v1 & v2, Zero, Motor Focus Kit (Universal or Zero)
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FocusCube v2 not connecting directly after updates through Ascom still ok

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I have the focuscube V2, recently updated to V4.4.5.0, with Ascom driver v2.20, also recently updated, both from the previous versions (FC 4.4.2, Ascom driver 2.14). I used to be able to connect both thru Ascom (eg. APT), and directly (Focus Controller).

Now, while I can connect to APT (although it gives me a message saying "an error ocurred while querying for devices", if I click past it, it connects without trouble, and functions), I can no longer connect directly (there is a message saying "Cannot find Controller)

1) I've tried with and without unity Platform), de - and reinstalled drivers, am updated on all my software (eg. Ascom), allowed it through my virus software (and tested it by switching it off for a while.
2) On the controller itself, in settings, the device ID says Auto, and doesn't let me input anything.
3) In Ascom, I now have 2 Focus Controllers (1 and 2), Focus Controller 2 [Second Instance] cannot be connected to Ascom. In the second instance using Ascom, the device ID is set to Auto, and again, I can't
input anything (I also get the device querying error message). I have also seen "dual motor focus somewhere.
4) I found a 0kb file named fc_current.exe, which I can't work with (don't know whether it has something to do with the focuser)
5) In my Focus Controller folder, there are 2 files named Dual Motor Focus Controller (application) and Dual Motor Controller.exe (.config file).

What is the problem and how can I fix it?

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