Problems with Stellarmate and DMFC

Dual Motor Focus Controller (DMFC)
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Problems with Stellarmate and DMFC

Post by Jussi »

Not sure if you can help me out, but I cannot connect my focuser to Stellarmate/Kstars anymore. When trying to connect, I get

[INFO] Error retrieving data from Pegasus DMFC, please ensure device is powered and the port is correct.

I have tried different port settings and Auto Search enabled, this being the only Serial port connected. I think the problems started with Stellarmate 1.5.8, but at the same time I tried to link the ports through Serial Port assistant, and 1.5.8 fixed the problem with my QHY, and I was so excited about that so I cannot be sure if it was due to the reflash of the Stellarmate version.

Stellarmate is 1.5.8
KStars build is 2021-05-04T18:48:20Z

Connection to PC works well through Pegasus Focus Controller software. The product is an older version of the one that you have on your web page, with no manual adjustment knob.
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Re: Problems with Stellarmate and DMFC

Post by Evans »

It seems that the new INDI driver does not support the SMFC (Stepper Motor Focus Controller).
We are checking how we can rollback the functionality to the new driver
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