FocusCube v3 becomes hot if idle

FocusCube v1 & v2, Zero, Motor Focus Kit (Universal or Zero)
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FocusCube v3 becomes hot if idle

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Several days ago I bought a FocusCube v3.
It works correctly.
But it gets hot if the motor is not moving.
If the motor is idle it consumes even more power than moving.
Focus Cube is connected to the Pocket Power Box Advance Gen1.

Using PowerBox Advance I roughly estimated the following power consumption:
- Motor is switched on: power consumption is near zero
- I move the motor to the focus position: power consumption jumpts to and stays at ca 4.8W during movement
- The motor stops and is idle: power consumption jumps even further up to ca 5 W

It seems that the motor reaches its specified maximal power consumption in idle mode and therefore becomes hot.

Is this a correct behaviour?

Is your motor also getting hot?

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