UPB3 and Focusser

Ultimate Powerbox v1 and v2
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UPB3 and Focusser

Post by Deepsky »

Hello Pegasus UPB3 users,

I make the configuration of my new Powerbox UPB3, all works so far.
Compared to UPB2 I’m searching were to put the parameter of a focusser in, which sets the difference between left and right turn.
(Backlash compensation)
Were can I find it?

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Re: UPB3 and Focusser

Post by birketti31589 »

I think it does it automatically or by itself, similar to when you have only the focuser interface open on the Unity platform software.

How are you connecting the focuser to the UPBV3? USB or RJ45? Mine is connected via USB but I would like to move to the RJ45 cable and eliminate the need for having two devices opened on the unity platform and Im wondering if connecting via RJ45 will accomplish that for me.

Also, have you managed to get the wifi working on your UPBV3 and if so, does it allow for NINA to connect to it without the use of a USB cable?

Thanks for any advice and I hope I was able to help with your focuser issue.
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