USB hub success!

Discussion about the UCH, our industrial grade, smart USB3 Hub
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USB hub success!

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Just want to thank the team for a great product!

I am having some success that is really a lot of fun.

I got Stellarium and StellarScope up and running with my single USB3 cable to the Pegasus USB3 HUB that can transmit both USB3 speed to my Mallincam and slower USB to the ServoCat at the same time! My PC can now move the scope and capture images and give me the tools to plan my observing real time. The hub also powers my camera via the powered ground board so my laptop battery can easily last for a full night of viewing since it no longer powers up the camera. The USB3 cable no longer drapes from the camera to the laptop (which removed some of my jerky events), but instead is secured from the camera to the hub which is mounted in the rocker and connected to the powered ground board. I added little cow catchers to the rocker corners for cable management of the USB3 cable as the scope turns (that also removed some jerky events).

Obsession UC18, Mallincam DS287m, ServoCat, Pegasus USB3 hub all working together make a lot of fun images.


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