Which counter weight bar is correct?

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Which counter weight bar is correct?

Post by Zara415 »

Apologizes if this has been asked and answered; I searched and could not find anything on this here.

There seems to be conflicting information on the counter weight bar one would need to use with the NYX-101.

In the User Manual it states - "M12 x 1.25mm"
In the FAQ section it states - "M12 x 1.75mm"

Which one is right? I'm assuming it is actually the 1.75mm pitch thread as I can't seem to find anyone that offers or mounts that use a 1.25mm thread pitch at M12.

Can I get some clarification and you might also want to possibly correct whichever one of those is wrong as it's proven to be quite confusing.
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Re: Which counter weight bar is correct?

Post by rloftin »

ZWO Counter Balance Bar for AM5 Mount # BC230

Got this one and it fits perfectly also got an iOptron counterweight

3006-10 4.5kg CW for 26/27/28, AZ mount Pro and others

also see in this forum last reply
Fully loaded 11" too much, backslides often
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Re: Which counter weight bar is correct?

Post by rick123 »

I had the same issue here has the OP so I asked Pegasus support. They came right back and stated that the manual had a typo and it is a M12 x 1.75 pitch. The ZWO AM5 bar does work, and I was able to use Celestron AVX counterweights. The plastic M12 cap screw works fine as a toe saver at the end of the bar.

I hope this helps.

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