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Powerbox Advance

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Hello all,

I have a new PBA that I am powering off a 13.8V bench power supply rated at 15A (200w).
I find that if I have my Mele Quieter 3 PC and my mount connected (mount switched on) to the 12v outputs the PB will not power up unless either the PC or the mount is disconnected from power. Once either the mount or the PC are disconnected "live" the PB comes on, I can then plug in the other device and everything keeps running.

The workaround is easy enough, I make sure the mount is off when power is applied and power on the mount once the PBA is on, but it's surprising the 12v outputs cannot handle the initial surge from the mount+PC.

Is there anything I can check? It's not too bad for me but anyone with a remote setup is going to find this annoying.


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