ASIAIR compatibility

Harmonic Geared Mount
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ASIAIR compatibility

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I am about to order this mount. The specs are simply unbelievable :-)

A few questions:
1) INDI.
How does that work exactly? Via port 9624 and the WiFi address of the mount in my network, or do I have to connect to the WiFi network of the mount? In other words, can the mount be part of my home network and I connect via an INDI server to the mount?

What driver would I have to choose in the ASIAIR app? I made some bad experience with the LX200 Basic driver, while the LX200 CLASSIC one works very well. Can I use the guider feature from the ASIAIR?

As a Mac user, I would like to use INDIGO to control the mount. Is the mount fully supported with the LX200 protocol from within INDIGO? Basically a network question ;-) Or will there be a native driver?

Thanks for the answers.
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