Proble with Rotator not Rotating

Questions and feedback about the rotator itself, adapters, de-rotation etc
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Proble with Rotator not Rotating

Post by PaulH »

Hello! New member here, and starting my second year in AP with the following gear:

SW Evostar 120ED f7.5, 0.85 Reducer; f6.3, @ 765mm
Orion 60mm f4 guide scope
ASI294MC- Pro, ASI290MM-Mini, ZWO EAF
EQ6-R Pro, Pegasus UPBV2 and Falcon Rotator
Mele Q3 mini-pc

The Falcon and the UPBV2 are recent additions, and I have the new kit mounted, drivers and Unity loaded and can power up and down reliably, and connect all equipment to Nina.

My imaging train looks like this: Focuser -> Reducer -> Rotator -> Filter Drawer -> Camera. The Rotator uses M54 male to M48 male adapters on both sides, the scope side is secured by the Reducer locking ring, and the rest of the train is finger tight.

My problem is that I cannot get rotation from the Falcon at all. When I command a rotation using either Unity or Nina, I hear a whirring and I feel a vibration from the Falcon.

Starting to think the issue is purely mechanical, at this point. Anyone else have this issue before? Hoping someone could point me in the right direction...

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