Unity software issue?

Ultimate Powerbox v1 and v2
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Unity software issue?

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I did not see a specific group for the Unity software so I thought I would post this here since I'm using the software to run my UPBv2. I'll explain the issue I'm having and the troubleshooting I've done so far.
The problem is that the power output keeps randomly turning off to the output ports. There's no specific time that it does it, it just seems to happen anywhere from every 5min to 2 hours. When I turn it back on, everything seems to work fine again...until a bit of time passes and the problem repeats itself.

Troubleshooting I've done so far.

1. I swapped the output ports to 3 & 4.
2. I replaced the 2.1-2.5 power cable that I was using on output one to provide power to my mount (iOptron CEM70EC) This configuration has been working fine for the last year. Output 1 provides mount power and Output 2 provides power to the DEC power hub. No issues until recently.

My rig is being provided power via a Goal Zero Yeti 400 through the 12v DC output (The Yeti is plugged into AC and stays fully charged.)

Is it possible there is a fault in the Unity software because I never had issues prior to updating from the original UPBvs software to Unity?
Is there a log file stored somewhere that would explain why it is turning off power to the outputs? If so, where is this log file written?
Since the UPBv2 is the only piece of Pegasus hardware I'm running, can I revert back to the old software?
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