Power Graph issue?

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Power Graph issue?

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I'm a new PPBA user. The other night first usage, I was able to get the box up and running OK with a ZWO usb3 camera powered from the box. The camera has a usb2 hub powering a filter wheel, and guide camera. That all functioned well from what I could tell.

The two issues I observed were:

1) The reported RH was always 99% which was incorrect. The RH was in the 60% range. Yes, the sensor was plugged in correctly.

2) The power graph only reported 0.1A on average when the two 12V pass through ports used were supplying about 1.2A. What's going on with that? Why was it not reporting actual total current? I don't see a document for how the SW should work or what options there are for any setting in the SW.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Power Graph issue?

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Was this resolved? I have posted a simlar problem with no response. I also emailed their customer service with no response
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Re: Power Graph issue?

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We didn't receive any message in support.
Please resend any issue to our email support
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