Unity Power Metrics text unreadable

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Unity Power Metrics text unreadable

Post by whiochon »

Since updating to Unity Release, the Environment, Power Metrics and Power Consumption sections have text that is so small it is unreadable.
See screenshot below.
The Themes configuration doesn't seem to help.
Is there a way to fix this?
Screenshot 2022-09-22 163938.png
Screenshot 2022-09-22 163938.png (69.28 KiB) Viewed 61 times
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Re: Unity Power Metrics text unreadable

Post by Evans »

Seems that it is indeed very small in lower resolutions.
We'll revert this control back to the older design (or make it larger) in the next Unity release.
Platform supports control layout arrangement from user but we haven't allowed that yet. Our plan is to provide this feaure as soon as possible.
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