Scops and FocusCubev2

Scops Motorised Off Axis Guider
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Scops and FocusCubev2

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Just so I understand the way of things - It seems I'm not able to use the Focus Controller software for both the FocusCube V2 and Scops at the same time? If I turn on both from my UPBv2 and I launch Focus Controller, I cannot see the 'Scops OAG' tab to adjust focus. If I turn off USB from my UPBv2 to the FocusCubeV2, I can then see the 'Scops OAG' tab, after I disconnect and reconnect to the Focus Controller software.

It seems I can launch them both in Unity, however, if I select a Goto value and hit 'Go' nothing happens on the counter. Also why does Scops device selection show my filter offsets from my FocusCube device?

I attached a screenshot.

Pegasus Unity - Scops FCv2 Falcon.png
Pegasus Unity - Scops FCv2 Falcon.png (28.39 KiB) Viewed 402 times
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Re: Scops and FocusCubev2

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If you use Unity you cannot simultaneously use the older software.
In unity each device has a tab which is accessed when you click the tab.
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