Flatmaster 150 crashes when set to zero.

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Flatmaster 150 crashes when set to zero.

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I have an issue with my Flatmaster 150 where the Flat master will fail to respond when the slider in the program goes to zero. When the slider goes to 1 i can hear a slight buzz. When the slider goes to zero the buzz goes away, i figure no power is going to the flatmaster. After hitting zero, the flatmaster will not respond to the slider or disconnect/reconnect from the program. Once reconnected, the program will show connected but no power will go to the flatmaster. The only way to reset the flatmaster is to physically remove the cable and reinsert this again. This has caused problems when I am remote imaging.

I have tried this on multiple USB3 powered hubs and various USB2 cables with the same results. I would like to be able to cut the power to the Flatmaster, but if that is not possible can the program be updated to prevent a Zero? I know a "solution" is to not use zero, but accidental movement from one to zero can cause a failure to respond.

Edit: I just realized after a while it self resets to 100% by itself when left at 1.

Thank you.
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Re: Flatmaster 150 crashes when set to zero.

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Thanks for the feedback. We'll check if this is a software bug
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