Falcon Adaptation 3D-Print Adapter

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Falcon Adaptation 3D-Print Adapter

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I found within your documentation for the Falcon Scops OAG that the six screws on the side of your rotator (towards the OAZ) might be removed to install the Scops OAG. I am going to 3D print two adapters for using the falcon rotator with a Skywatcher PDS newton. One adapter will do the correct distance between the rotator and the ZWO camera. The other adapter will include baader coma corrector and will be screwed directly into the OAZ. I want to fix my 3D printed adapter with six M3 screws to your rotator like you do with the Scops OAG. I couldn't find any exact dimension for this six threads.

falcon-screws.jpg (59.1 KiB) Viewed 291 times

Can you provide please the circle diameter where the six screws are placed and the angle distance between the two screws?

values.jpg (18.22 KiB) Viewed 291 times
Did I understand from your Scops OAG manual correct, that I can remove this six m3 screw from the rotator, without loosing any parts of the rotator itself and use this six threads to fix my adapter to the rotator?

Any information and help for this is more than welcome.

Kind regards - MunichtAtNight
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