About Us

Pegasus Astro was created by amateur astronomers for amateur astronomers. Having been familiar with the field of astrophotography for more than ten years, we decided to create reliable and good priced products for use in amateur astronomy.

We have realised that in this area many products we purchase are overpriced. As we are also activated in the field of astrophotography every new moon, we are well aware of any kind of difficulties and effort that are involved in order to create a decent astro photograph.

We, for this reason, are certain that we know exactly what your needs are and what you require from our products.

We are established in Athens, Greece and are confident we will not let you down.

All of our products are designed and assembled in Greece

Company Details:

Pegasus Astro
Lakka Kaki Thalassa
EU VAT: EL 800822661


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